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Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Pregnancy should be a healthy happy stage of life, but some women may develop complications such as back pain, groin pain, indigestion & heartburn, breathlessness, rib pain. This may result because the body is unable to deal with the extra demands placed upon it by a growing baby.

Post natal treatment is important to address any back or neck pain as a result of posture during breastfeeding, carrying your baby, reaching into the cot and lifting car seats. During this emotional and stressful time of early childcare, osteopathy can help new mothers to relax and therefore put more focus and energy back into looking after their little one.

We assess each patient individually and provide relief of symptoms using a variety of osteopathic techniques. The management plan often involves advice on exercise and posture, as well as liaising with your midwife and obstetrician if necessary.

We are able to provide a general check up for pregnant and post natal women, as well as for newborn babies.




osteopathy for pregnancy